Understanding Bi-cultural Pupils

The 21st century and the dawn of the computer age present teachers and pupils with some unique challenges including that of teaching and learning within a global context and multiple cultural dimensions. Inner city schools in particular face some of the hardest challenges when dealing with pupils from a range of ethnic and religious backgrounds. Our Culture Learning programme will help you and your staff develop a thorough understanding of the influence of culture on the educational experiences of pupils from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds in schools and ultimately on their achievement. The programme suggests practical ideas for harnessing diversity within schools and for promoting community cohesion and pupils’ achievement.


The programme can be tailored to schools’ needs and be delivered in a day or through a series of twilight sessions. An abridged version can also be delivered in half a day.

``The staff found it engaging and useful and I can honestly say I have never heard such positive feedback from all staff (support, teaching and governors) about any training session before. Your presentation was a powerful mix of data, research and personal experience and I could not think of any improvements that could be made. As a result of the training we have developed further activities for raising cultural awareness in form time, our HOH have prepared assemblies celebrating other cultures and we are planning a Cultural Diversity Day for the whole school in May. We have already submitted an application for the International School's Award and are planning much more work in this area. Thank you for working with us in such a positive and honest fashion.``

Royal Liberty Boys School, Havering