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MY CULTURE: YORUBA (A Quick Guide to Yoruba Culture for British Teachers)


This book provides teachers and educators with a quick introduction to Yoruba culture from which a significant proportion of Black African children living in the UK come from. In recent years, high levels of migration have resulted in significantly larger proportions of children from this ethnic group in British schools, particularly those in larger cities. In some schools this has represented a drastic change in demographics with up to fifty percent or more of the pupils coming from the group. Most schools quickly become aware that the differences between British and Yoruba culture have a significant bearing on their interaction with pupils and their families. These differences sometimes lead to conflict and difficulties in communication, which in turn affect pupils’ learning. Educators however do not always understand the source of the conflict or what to do about it.


The book serves as a bridge to help teachers understand these differences and empowers them to interact with the culture from an informed perspective. It covers the history of the Yoruba people, cultural norms and values, child rearing practices and how these differ from British culture. The book provides educators who are relatively new to the culture group with valuable insight into the psyche of Yoruba culture. It treats cultural conflict sympathetically and sheds some light on the struggles bi-cultural Yoruba children face. It highlights some day-to-day issues that teachers and educators may face when dealing with such children and their families. The author draws on personal experience in exemplifying some of the issues covered and suggests practical ideas that teachers can use to support children from the culture group.




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