Florence is a leading professional with over 30 years of experience across all education sectors, nationally and internationally. She has a track record of leading institutional change, as a headteacher of a multi-cultural, inner London Primary school, as one of Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools in England, and as an independent Education Consultant. She was part of the team of experts who conducted the 2007 review of the Bermudian education system. Working with the Department for International Development, she led the establishment of inspectorates and the training of education reviewers in Nigeria. She also helped train school inspectors in New York City. In recent years, her work as an improvement advisor has included major clients such as the Royal Borough of Greenwich, the London Borough of Bexley, Unity Academy Trust and the Avanti Schools Trust.

Florence has significant expertise in the process of acculturation and the impact this has on the educational experiences of people from ethnic minority backgrounds. Her book, My Culture: Yoruba (2012) promotes a better understanding of the cultural differences between British and Yoruba culture and empowers teachers to interact with parents and pupils from an informed perspective. Her memoir, Coconut (July 2021) sheds light on her personal experiences of growing up between two cultures.

Florence has a passion for seeing children achieve the best they can and ensuring that schools provide a first-class education, fit for a 21st-century future in which technological acumen, adaptability, and resilience are essential characteristics. As a director of Inspired Futures, she currently focuses on school leadership, promoting diversity in educational institutions, and advocating for parents fighting for inclusion and diversity.